This is a program that we are really proud to offer to our tenants. It is a voluntary program. The purpose of the FSS program is to help our tenants to become economically self-sufficient, which is to say that at the end of their program participation they should no longer need any assistance from us.

This is a five year program. When you sign up for the FSS program you will be assigned a case worker who will work closely with you. You will set goals -small, short term goals and long term goals – and then work with your case worker to be sure you stay on track and complete your goals in a timely manner.

There are many benefits to being on the FSS program. Not only are you “working”. to become financially self-sufficient but as you are increasing your earned income and your rent goes up – due to increase income in your home (which will happen whether you are on the FSS program or not – if your income goes up, your rent could go up) we will start an escrow account for you. Which means that when your rent goes up, we will take the amount of the increase (usually) and put it into a interest-bearing savings account for you. When you complete the program you will get all the money, plus the interest, that has been placed in the account for you. It could be $1,000 or it could be $40,000.
The other benefit to being on the FSS program is our FSS clients have first ..dibs” on Homeownership vouchers under the HOUSE Program.

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